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Hello, my name is Monica Garcia. Im a spiritual guide, advisor, and medium in practice since 1983. Im from Lima, Perú and was born with the gift of clairvoyance - an ability I inherited directly from my mother, our ancestors, as well as the gypsy spirit with whom I am connected. For most of my life I have devoted myself to observing, learning and perfecting the various systems of divination from the best psychics and practitioners found in Matanzas, Cuba. During my sessions, I use the Baraja Española, or Spanish card deck, to obtain a deeper understanding of your life and spiritual direction. I also use other forms of divination including, but not limited to, dream analysis, reading dice, and use of the crystal ball. I am also well verse in Santería and Palo Mayombe. To those seeking enlightenment, I offer experience, honesty, and absolute discretion of my services. With the help of my spiritual guide and tools, I can lead you on the correct path towards achieving your goals and help you realize the power and magic that lie within you!

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Monica, The Gipsy
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