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Monica is awesome! I wasn't sure what to expect -- I've only had my cards read once before and it was crazy accurate, so I was wondering if Monica would be as insightful as the super hippie Thai dude who apparently knew everything about my past and my future. She was!!!

I don't think Monica even needs her cards -- She looks at you and just knows. You can tell she knows!!! No secrets with her -- It felt like she was reading my mind.

What's really cool is that she gave me a little special gift on the way out. I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to tell people what it was or what it was supposed to be used for because I'm not sure if that'll jinx the magic, but it worked ;)

I'm coming back with my friend and her bridal party right before the bachelorette shin-dig -- What better time to have your cards read?!?!?

- Bella C -

Prior to August of last year, I'd had my cards read a few times in the past just for fun. Though those experiences were all interesting to a point, I felt as though they were readings that I could have conducted myself if I owned a deck of tarot cards.

I decided to make an appointment with Monica because a very close friend of mine could not stop raving about how spot on her reading was when she visited her. When I went in for my appointment, Monica was able to name the exact reason for my visit, as well as a whole stream of information she, and no one else, could have possibly known about me, and this all happened just moments after saying "hello" and before any card spreads had been dealt. Suffice it to say, I was more than impressed. She can describe people in your life in such perfect detail that you expect her to eventually start referring to them by name, and her accuracy rate with predictions is so ridiculously good that you might suspect that you're starring in your own version of The Truman Show and Monica is your #1 fan.

Now we all know that the word "psychic" can easily be replaced with "charlatan" in many cases, but not in Monica's case. She possesses a tremendous gift that cannot adequately be understood unless you witness it for yourself. If you've read this much of my review, you might be thinking "Maybe you're just one of those idiots who falls for any line a phony spits in your direction, Jaq" and to that I say sorry, but you're dead wrong. My momma didn't raise no fool, and though this is not a positive attribute, I trust almost no one, always, and I am the Jesus of being able to tell when someone's trying to take me for all I'm worth. Monica is the real deal, and since my first visit, Monica's insight has helped me improve myself and my outlook on life so much that I truly believe I am now a better person because of it. If you're in search of spiritual guidance and peace of mind, do not hesitate to call la Botanica Gitana to book an appointment. Her services are priced well below what you normally might see in this field and you can trust that she is not going to fill your head and heart with false hope by telling you things you want to hear.

- Jaq V -

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